Fallow Medals

by Earthly Circuits

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the one about rooms and light


released August 15, 2014

Will Buckingham - Composition
Andrea Byl - Cello, Backing vocals on track 1.
Leonel de Graca - Accordion
Helena Deland - Composition, Lead vocals on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9. Backing on 7, 8 and 10.
Nick Frenay - Bass on track 6.
Rob Frenay - Whistling on track 8.
Gabrielle Matte - Design and Typography
Ian Mays - Bass on track 8.
Maria Myrick - Violin
Steve Nalepa - Mastering
Jules Nehrig - Electric Guitar on track 3.
Claudia Picard-Deland - Backing vocals on track 2, lead and backing on 10.
Jackie Smith - Lead vocals on tracks 1 and 3, backing on 4 and 10.
Kevin Sullivan - Composition, Production, Mixing, Prepared Piano, Guitar, Bass, Organ, Dulcimer, Mandolin, Percussion.
Lillie Taggart - Lead vocals on Tracks 5, 7 and 8, backing on 1, 3, 4, 10.
Kyle Vanhemert - Composition, backing vocals on track 8.
St. Urbain Choir: Samuel Gagnon, Antoine Desault, Florence LaChapelle-Raymond.

Special thanks to Lysandre Ménard, Thomas Scott-Railton, and Stasia Scannell-Sullivan.



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Earthly Circuits Montreal, Québec

EARTHLY CIRCUITS is interdisciplinary artist Kevin Sullivan working one on one with a band of collaborators of diverse musical backgrounds, together painting in the lush architecture and arrangements characteristic of their sound. Earthly Circuits means an ambient production style, novel pop harmonies, world rhythms, and constantly changing instrumentation. ... more

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Track Name: Who Down
lets walk down the old way once you tie your shoes / last year i was too scared to just to dance near you / and in the time since we've grown bits and pieces / but i still cant tell sometimes what youre thinking / and at the dancehall we'll shake loose of old stuff / so very soon ill feel like i just met you / then it was a gym / think of all the way they've come / and you see the way they've dressed for it / we're the youngest here by far / at that age will i know you? / we'll just have to go in there / and when it falls / we'll say we knew it'd come down / cause when it starts / we are so far from the ground / ingest one or two while i go look for more / we'll be so brave we can go and bash the floor / and if you're still shy we'll go where no one sees / and if you feel sick we don't need to stay here / there are some faces we don't want to see now / so very soon ill feel like i just met you / see the way they look at us / we'll still say we had fun / can't they forget / and i'll take a little drink / and it hurts me when i think of it / hurts me in the night / we'll just have to go out there / oh well where can we go to be alone without a car / i know a place to go take my hand let's walk there now / i guess a little damp field will do / we have no other place to rest / and if the stars so light i still see you / a good dream hurts much more than a bad one does / and if the sun dont rise just this one time / we'd have no reason to go / but in another life i'd still find you / if not i hope i don't know what's gone from me / how to leave it / how we found it / oh to leave it when i'm on my own / when i'm on my own
Track Name: Sit Still
i know we're never clean
sat flat on old pine swings
but in our liturgy
we'll say just what we mean

if you can sit still
it drops off time to time
i hope i age well
waiting here on a sign

he left us
sleeping here
on the porch
in the fall

each leaves us
one by one
till there's none
to hold us all

when it's ripe / we will strike / there is life / in our sights
In our yard / from on far / under here / dear my dear
we see / tall trees / blossoms / dropping

below a granite beam
it can't be what it seems
he holds a little hand
and can't be still again

now that its
just us here
staying still
on our own

ill sing lies
and tell you
you can still
carry me home
Track Name: Chimney Sparrows
I wondered how we'd do made it through our first tornado / and when you'll let me go i will know that you are able / cause if we lay down low it could grow beneath your navel baby, mine and yours

survive how i drive i see you don't just mind adjust the tides we've said that we don't have the will to fine but will you lay your bat down time to time

we know that before long things go wrong or are we stable / if we can both play deaf we may rest under the table / will we see that it grew will it do if i just like you maybe on our own

i lay land mines for when things will go wrong / make you think i did not care all along

i would not leave you without a prize or two / nothing you can do to not become unglued

If there is no problem well then well then we make one / think we cannot stand the level of this tension

or will we rise? or will we...?
Track Name: All Hallows
im in a bad way i left my dad in a maze / i found a cold one so my words are coming undone / and if i see his face i know i won't be sleeping / but then at least ill have the chance to feel your teeth in

in the light there are times i can't see you / in the night i will wonder where i've gone to

it's one of us here / it's the one who's cutting my hair / back to my old dream / where i see our house through the trees / if i get out to see some friends ill tuck my head in / we go around the same few blocks / left where we found him

drink from a country stream rest your head and be well / sing with your whole voice because we're out for the day
Track Name: Health Waltz
you move a bone it hurts so bad it wakes you up in your sleep so i bring your meals to your room there in the dark but what was light and wet will move if you can make through times when you can't see shore

up out of the well you see how far you fell / when you stretch your limbs / if it's slow enough you'll abide vile stuff / and you cant believe you stood it

oh i know you missed some school but there's still light enough to play we can see the sun in your eyes even at night our dirty river will be clean it's just a matter of waiting till you can swim
Track Name: Peasant Wine
Track Name: Attic Affection
you were gone before i knew you i can't back to times when you'd be in the same room as me/ i read in your old books tell me what it took / strange what we share how must it be for her

could we make sense of what has changed between your and my lifetime or is there a screen / to see our own time, is that the best we can do?

take care of your old self / grandson wants to meet you / when i feel like i don't belong i see me in you
Track Name: Light Clothes
waking up inside it glows so now we're silent show those light clothes / lay me down inside those clothes cause when it's quiet know that light glows

such a beautiful girl
for you

singing like a siren does ill leave the shining sun when i run

walking with someone through dublin square / im a stranger where im from / i knew i could always get somewhere / find peace in the ones that run

talking with someone without a sound / i dont know when i will leave / when im thankful for the breathe we've found / i feel more than i could need

la da da da
Track Name: Saint Winter
if you have a sister im not she / all because so many have been won over / and now the hall looks quite like scenes of black and white / or have I been seeing too many films / streets rush seamless into hills that spread onward
some paths will not be mapped / nor will the footholds vanish / but what to do in the places they lead to?

seems i might be too young to see / past where i was / do what i know not / politics of location are molding what i want into what i remember

fascination for these rules that don't exist at all / makes me think there might be no leaving from montreal

i planned it out before / this card won't reach your door / white paper for short words / oh meet me in.....
Track Name: Oh Evening Moon
now i know why they wrote those songs and the things i thought were just dumb / in the place ive saved for us here / i will tell you with my whole life / that i loved you in the morning when we came there without knowing / it arrests us without meaning and im glad to know its beating /i know something must go wrong

now my familys' broke in three and my friends live in different places / im not sure where i should be now maybe with you if thats all right / when we snuck in under moonlight / and the deer down by the river / theres been more than i could fit here / still id like to try to sing it though i dont quite have the words

i need some time to let the others go and though its hard when i here and you are far

oh my favorite knoll on my favorite hill / by your windowsill we're just resting still / ive never walked this way before i dont know what we'll find / i know i like you for just you not cause you made me try / there's just a little light left her but more swims in our minds

when your heart beat stops this beat will go on